We appreciate your interest in bringing our Racial Justice Campaign to your teens. Here are a few ideas for getting involved:

  1. Encourage teens to be ambassadors

Think of teens who you think could make good ambassadors. Encourage them to volunteer and support them as they create programming in your congregation or larger community. We will be providing them with training and resources, but having your support will go a long way in their success.

  1. Take Action NOW in your teen programs

Explore integrating one or two of the Take Action NOW items in to a youth group event or teen activity. Perhaps show one of the videos and have teens go to the website on their phones and respond. Or visit one of the action sites together and complete the activity.

  1. Reach out to Less Involved Teens

Becoming socially active can be a great way to help teens get involved with the Jewish community. Consider sharing the Racial Justice Campaign with teens in your community who are less involved and invite them to do the Take Action NOW activities or to become ambassadors.

  1. Be a Role Model

Take some time to complete some of the Take Action NOW items or organize your friends to take action. Show your teens that this campaign matters through your own actions and involvement in the cause. Share with them what you are doing and the impact you hope to have.

  1. Create Opportunities for Your Teens to Share with the Congregation

Invite your teens to create a “racial justice Shabbat” or do an article in your synagogue newsletter. Encourage Teen Ambassadors to explore doing something in the religious school, or perhaps leading a program for families. Give your teens opportunities to lead your community in learning and taking action to make our world a more just and compassionate place.

  1. Help your Teens Create the Campaign

Encourage your teens, as they find resources and action ideas, to submit them on the site and help build our campaign. The only way we can move the dial on this issue is if we all take ownership.

  1. Share Real Time Issues and Opportunities

If issues related to racial justice are happening in your community, or you read a great article on the topic, share it with your teens. Encourage them to learn, reflect on their own views, and take action. Volunteer alongside with them and join the campaign by “praying with your feet.”

  1. Celebrate Diversity in Your Youth Programming

Bring our Campaign for Racial Justice home and work with your teens to create a warm and welcoming space for Jews of all colors and backgrounds to join your community and participate in your youth programming.