We are incredibly excited to kick off another wonderful year in NFTY and look forward to welcoming teens and adults from your congregation to one of our upcoming events.

If you plan to reimburse your participants directly, please simply notify anyone receiving a scholarship from your Congregation that you will reimburse them. They will not need any special information when they go online to register.

If you would like NFTY to apply the scholarship to your teen(s) registration and bill your congregation, please use the form below to notify us of the scholarships that you will grant. Once you have submitted this request form, please inform your teen(s) that the scholarship will be applied directly to their registration. No other steps are required for this scholarship to be applied.

  • If the scholarship request is submitted prior to the date your teen(s) register, the scholarship amount will automatically be deducted from the balance due prior to processing payments.
  • If the scholarship request form is submitted after the teen(s) have registered, they will be charged the full registration price and the scholarship amount will be refunded via the payment method used to register.
  • Even when a scholarship is added to the account, they will see the total cost of the event. The credit card will only be charged what they owe, and their credit card bill will reflect that.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to amend registration deadlines for participants waiting on this information from you. We encourage you to review our registration information page which includes instructions on how teens pay with a scholarship and our refund policies.

Please wait until the NFTY Registrar invoices you after the event to pay. If you have any questions please contact our registration team at nftyregistrar@urj.org or 212-650-4130.

Parents and teens may not submit this form.

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