What is a verified program?

A verified program is a program that is high-quality, high-impact, and replicable by others.  It is clearly thought out, written coherently, and vetted by others. In addition to that, it is a program that participants enjoyed and learned from, that has a bit of a "wow" factor.  A verified program raises the knowledge level of participants, while showcasing something interesting or exciting that leaves a memorable impression on those who experience it.

What are the criteria that qualify a program to be a verified program

Each program submitted to be a "verified" program must meet at least 5 of the 7 criteria below

  • Experiential - you "experience" something through simulation or doing an activity that helps you realize the goals of the program
  • Researched - the program raises the knowledge of the people in the room.  The program has elements that are researched and meant to increase awareness through understanding and learning
  • Jewish - there is Jewish text and identifiable Jewish principles at the core of the program
  • Mapped to the 13 principles - it is anchored in one of the 13 principles of NFTY
  • Planned out ahead of time - there is sufficient time, before the program is run, to gather feedback from others and ensure it is the highest quality possible
  • Covers a key issue in NFTY - NFTY has program priorities and a verified program touches on some aspect of one of NFTY's priorities, in terms of subject matter
  • Replicable - with some adjustments, the program is easily replicable in other places, spaces, and even in future years.  The program is flexible enough to be and detailed enough to easily be understood and picked up by others to use