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NFTY is a movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. Together, we pursue tikkun olam, personal growth, youth empowerment, and deep connections, all rooted in Reform Judaism. NFTY’s New York Area Region includes New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT.


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NFTY-NAR Regional Board Application Information

Applications Due April 7th


Hello NFTY-NAR!!

We are now taking applications for the 2023-2024 NFTY-NAR Regional Board!! Being on NAR (New York Area Region) Board is an amazing leadership opportunity that empowers you to work with the region in creating, planning, and running youth group events, brainstorming new ways for engaging teens in Jewish opportunities, and envisioning the future of the Jewish Youth Movement. You will also receive leadership training sessions and opportunities for growth, which look amazing when you apply to college!!

This year, teens will not run for a specific position; rather, they will seek an opportunity to lead. The nomination committee will review all applications and form a slate of board members by matching each applicant’s strengths with the open positions.

Applicants will complete a self-reflective questionnaire and a short interview with a senior member of the current NAR Board and Regional Mentor. They are also required to provide a reference, which can be their Rabbi, youth group advisor, teacher, coach, or another adult in their life who is not related to them. This process provides an opportunity for the candidate to give information about themselves, their leadership qualities, and their strengths as a member of our community.

The nomination committee will then review all of the applications submitted and match the applicants with the position that best suits their strengths. Check out the descriptions of all board positions.

The Process

  1. Applicants will fill out the questionnaire for self-reflection about interests, qualities, challenges, and ideas. The questionnaire includes a place to provide contact information for your reference.


  2. After we receive your questionnaire, we will reach out to your reference to have them fill out a brief form recommending you for the NAR Board.


  3. We will also reach out to schedule a 30 minute interview with each candidate. A senior member of the current NAR Board and the NAR Regional Mentor will be present at this interview.


  4. After all the applications are in, the senior members of the current NAR Board plus the NAR Regional Mentor will form a Nomination Committee.


  5. The Nomination Committee will meet on Thursday, April 20. At this meeting, they will review all applications and form a slate of board members by matching each applicant’s strengths with the open positions. After all questionnaires, references, and interview notes are reviewed, the committee might choose to follow up with a phone call prior to putting together the final slate.


  6. Starting with the position of President, we will contact applicants and ask whether or not they accept the position they have been slated for. In the event someone turns down a position, the nomination committee will go back to the drawing board to fill that position.


  7. Once all candidates accept the positions they have been slated for, we will announce to the region who our NAR Board will be for the upcoming year!!

Important Dates to know:

April 7: Questionnaire piece of application is due

April 20 (evening): Nominations meeting

May 6: Installation of the new NAR Board

NFTY-NAR Regional Questionnaire.

Please remember that applying does not guarantee a spot on the board. Also, serving on the NAR Board is one of many leadership opportunities that are available. Everyone is to be commended for putting themselves out there and for participating in the nomination process.

Please submit your application by Friday, April 7, 2023.

If you have questions regarding any positions in particular, feel free to contact members of the current NAR Board or Avital Abraham, NFTY-NAR Regional Mentor:

Regional Mentor: Avital Abraham,

President: Nadine Katz,

Programming Vice President: Barak Landis,

Social Action Vice President: Isobella Gordon,

Religious and Cultural Vice President: Rebecca Last,

Membership Vice Presidents: Lily Mansell,, and Mali Cooper,

Communications Vice President: Mason Zelenko,

Long Island Sub-Regional Director: Solomon Graf,

Westchester Sub-Regional Director: Hadley Courtenay,

Please let us know if you have any questions!! Looking forward to seeing your applications.

Todah (thanks),


2022-2023 / 5783

Contact info


Avital Abraham


President: Nadine Katz

 Programming VP: Barak Landis

 Social Action VP: Isobella Gordon

 Religious and Cultural VP: Rebecca Last

 Membership VPs: Mali Cooper and Lily Mansell

Communications VP: Mason Zelenko

 Long Island Subregional Director: Solomon Graf

 Westchester Subregional Director: Hadley Courtenay


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NFTY is a Movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. Together, we pursue tikkun olampersonal growthyouth empowerment, and deep connections, all rooted in Reform Judaism.