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Sharing your enthusiasm for and commitment to NFTY is the best way to get others to join the Reform Jewish Youth Movement.

As a Jewish professional you are one of the most important allies in making the Reform Youth Movement strong. Thank you for your interest in supporting our teens and getting involved. Synagogue Professionals can host NFTYx events in their congregation, bring their teens to regional events, help their teens get involved in trainings to strengthen the movement locally and nationally, and engage in their own learning around youth organizing and teen development. Please reach out and let us know how we can help you!


Learn more about why we chose a Community Organizing approach for NFTY and the Reform Youth Movement


Are your youth engagement numbers still recovering from COVID? Are you looking for some new tools to spice up your youth engagement work? If so, join us for our six-week Youth Professional Organizing Intensive! 

This practice-oriented intensive will train you in Community Organizing and Design Thinking skills. These relational community building tools will help revitalize your youth engagement and empower your teens as leaders. This class is open to all Reform Jewish youth professionals at no cost.  

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