What is NFTYx?

NFTYx is an initiative designed to support NFTY and the Union for Reform Judaism's overall mission of building strong, welcoming. inspired communities that make our world more whole, just, compassionate, and joyful.   NFTYx brings the spirit of NFTY and teen-powered engagement to local communities through synagogue run experiences which are open to the full NFTY region, sub-regions, or specific cities.

NFTYx experiences are organized by passionate URJ synagogue partners, alumni and teen leaders who seek to bring teens from multiple Reform congregations together in community.   To ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable and included, NFTYx event organizers agree to abide by our NFTY B'rit Kehilah (code of conduct), uphold NFTY’s 13 Principles, and follow our health and safety standards.  NFTY and the URJ provide resources and publicity while acting as “Network Weavers” who connect the different opportunities together and convene and support program leaders.

The “x” signifies an unknown variable, the notion of collaboration among users, and its exponential impact. The unknown variable is teen leaders, alumni, clergy, youth professionals, parents, anyone who wants to plan a NFTYx event! You represent the x-factor. Your ideas, inspiration, creativity, passion, and leadership multiply the impact of NFTYx.  

Synagogue Partners

This section is being updated for 2022-23.  Please check back for updated forms and information mid-Auust.  If you need assistance before then, please reach out to Michelle Shapiro Abraham at msabraham@urj.org.


Alumni & Volunteers





The NFTY Team

Lynne Butner, Director of NFTY Engagement

Lev MosbacherNFTY President

Sam GoldstoneNFTY Programming Vice President

Maddy Denker, NFTY Social Action Vice President

Owen ThomasNFTY Religious & Cultural Vice President

Riley Genevieve MinerNFTY Membership Vice President

Jacob FishmanNFTY Communications Vice President

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