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Nftyx is the local level of NFTY & are events created by synagogue leaders, local teen leaders, regional boards & regional mentors for the full region or a few communities.      

The “x” signifies an unknown variable, the notion of collaboration among users, and its exponential impact. The unknown variable is teen leaders, alumni, clergy, youth professionals, parents, anyone who wants to plan a NFTYx event! You represent the x-factor. Your ideas, inspiration, creativity, passion, and leadership multiply the impact of NFTYx.  

To ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable and included, NFTYx event organizers agree to abide by our NFTY B’rit Kehilah (code of conduct), uphold NFTY’s 13 Principles, and follow our health and safety standards. NFTY and the URJ provide resources and publicity while acting as “Network Weavers” who connect the different opportunities together and convene and support program leaders. 


Step 1: Connect with your Regional Mentor 

Your NFTY Regional Mentor is your guide through the NFTYx experience. 

  • Look through the NFTYx resources to help you plan budget, registration, and program

Step 2: Identify your NFTYx Adult Lead 

Every NFTYx event needs a minimum of one adult leader who “in charge.” This can be a synagogue staff person, or a trusted member of the community who is designated by the congregational leadership. 

  • Decide who your NFTYx Adult Event Lead will be 
  • Send them to the Adult Event Lead Training page to complete the forms and do the training (approx 1 ½ hours) This course must be completed by the Event Lead at least 7 work days prior the event. Keep an eye out for your official “NFTY Mentor” gift in the mail a week or two after you have completed the course!

Step 3: Complete Your Event Submission 

In order for the URJ general insurance liability to cover your event, we need you to complete the partnership agreement form and share with us your COI or Proof Of Insurance. This form must be filled out by someone who can sign for the congregation.  

  • Sign Partner Agreement Form at least three weeks before the event –  Adobe Acrobat Sign ( (If you are hosting an event at a synagogue, you must also include a copy of the synagogue’s proof of insurance)
  • Email with your snail mail address, the date of your event and estimated attendance. We will be mailing you some NFTY giveaways for all of your participants!


Step 4: Publicize Your Event 

We are excited to help you publicize your event to teens, parents, and synagogue leaders. 


Step 5:  Strengthen the Movement! 

After the event, lets us help you celebrate and build our movement! 

  • After the event, upload the registration list so that the teens in attendance get invited to the next NFTY event in your community – NFTYx – Upload your Event Registration Data (  (and keep an eye in the mail in the weeks after you submit! We look forward to sending some NFTY swag to say “thank you” for being a partner in building a Reform Youth Movement we can all be proud of!) 
  • Share photos, stories, and testimonials about your program with your Regional Mentor so they an give you a shout-out our monthly newsletter and raise you up as a model for other congregations! 
  • Are you interested in helping other synagogue professionals learn to lead NFTYx events?  Email Michelle Shapiro Abraham at to join our leadership network. 

Incident Reporting

In the case of an incident including behavioral, medical, harassment, or abuse, please use this form to alert our full time staff team.

the nfty team

Rabbi Isaama Goldstein-StollDirector of Youth Organizing – Local Communities and Synagogues

Logan Zinman GerberDirector of Youth Organizing – Leadership Development

Julie Marsh, Associate Director of Youth Organizing – North American Community

Noa AppleNFTY President

Aiden D’Antonio NFTY Programming Vice President

Daniella Abbott, NFTY Social Action Vice President

Simon WarnerNFTY Religious & Cultural Vice President

Cameron SamuelsNFTY Engagement & Inclusion Vice President

Ariana WalkerNFTY Communications Vice President

Evan JaffeNFTY Development Vice President

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