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for future generations

One day Choni the Circle Maker was walking down a road and saw a man planting a carob tree. “How long will it take to bear fruit?” Choni asked the man. “Seventy years,” the man replied. “Will you live another seventy years?” Choni asked. “I have delighted in the fruit of many carob trees that were planted by those who came before me, I am planting this tree for my future generations so that they too may enjoy the carob.” 

It is up to us to plant the seeds today that will ensure future generations also have meaningful experiences. Consider making a one-time donation or a monthly gift to give back to our growing youth movement. 

Donate to the NFTY Scholarship Fund

“Thanks to scholarships at NFTY I attended every single NFTY retreat in high school. NFTY brought me a sense of community and brought me closer to my religion. It was the reason I got Bat Mitzvahed at age 17 when I couldn’t at 13. It was the reason I was on my Temple’s Youth Group board for two years in a row when I use to doubt myself as someone who could be a leader. Through my leadership in high school I felt confident to do it in college and become our Hillel’s Founder/President. NFTY is the reason I learned I could be a leader, it’s the reason I attend countless Jewish events post college, and most of all it gave me wonderful friends who I still speak to today. I hope others continue to give towards these scholarships so future NFTY-ites can grow and be a part of something beautiful.” -Brielle, a NFTY alum