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Region NameGeographic AreaContact InfoCongregations
Chicago Area Region (CAR)Chicago, the surrounding urban and suburban areas, and northwestern IndianaVisit our Website: www.chicago.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftycar@urj.orgGive us a Call: 847-239-6976Congregations Served by Region
Central West Region (CWR)Northern and central California, Nevada,and HawaiiVisit our Website: www.centralwest.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftycwr@urj.orgGive us a Call: 415-392-7080 ex 15Congregations Served by Region
Garden Empire Region (GER)Central and northern New Jersey and the WestHudson Valley of New York(Rockland and Orange counties)Visit our Website: www.gardenempire.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftyger@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6761Congregations Served by Region
Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR)Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia,eastern West Virginia, and North Carolina(excluding Charlotte)Visit our Website: www.midatlantic.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftyma@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-650-4237Congregations Served by Region
Michigan (MI)Entire state of MichiganVisit our Website: www.michigan.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftymi@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6754Congregations Served by Region
Missouri Valley Region (MV)Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,Wyoming, Colorado, and centralVisit our Website: www.missourivalley.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftymv@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6551Congregations Served by Region
New York Area Region (NAR)New York City, Long Island, Westchester County,NY, and Fairfield County, CTVisit our Website: www.newyork.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftynar@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-650-4039Congregations Served by Region
Northeast Region (NE)Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County),Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont, upstate New York and Montreal, CanadaVisit our Website: www.northeast.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftyne@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6739Congregations Served by Region
Northeast Lakes Region (NEL)Ontario Canada; northern New York;Cleveland, OH, and its suburbs; and Erie, PAVisit our Website: www.northeastlakes.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftynel@urj.orgGive us a Call: 416-638-2635 X227Congregations Served by Region
Northern Region (NO)Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, Canada,Sioux Falls, SD, and Rockford, ILVisit our Website: www.northern.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftyno@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6544Congregations Served by Region
Northwest Region (NW)Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana,and Alaska, as well as the Canadian provinces ofBritish Columbia and AlbertaVisit our Website: www.northwest.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftynw@urj.orgGive us a Call: 425-230-4515Congregations Served by Region
Ohio Valley Region (OV)Kentucky (excluding Paducah); Indiana(excluding the northwestern corner); Ohio(excluding Cleveland and its suburbs); Nashville,Knoxville, and Bristol, TN; andwestern West VirginiaVisit our Website: www.ohiovalley.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftyov@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6705Congregations Served by Region
Pennsylvania Area Region (PAR)Pennsylvania (excluding Erie, PA), Southern NJ,Delaware, and part of West VirginiaVisit our Website: www.pennsylvania.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftypar@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6758Congregations Served by Region
Southern Area Region (SAR)South Carolina; Georgia; Charlotte, NC;Chattanooga, TN; Jacksonville, FL; andTallahassee, FLVisit our Website: www.southernarea.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftysar@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6767Congregations Served by Region
Southern Region (SO)Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, western Tennessee,Alabama (excluding Montgomery),and the Florida panhandleVisit our Website: www.southern.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftyso@urj.orgGive us a Call: 601-885-6042Congregations Served by Region
Southern California Region (SOCAL)Southern California (from San Luis Obispo to San Diego)Visit our Website: www.southerncalifornia.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftysocal@urj.orgGive us a Call: 619-800-6343Congregations Served by Region
Southern Tropical Region (STR)Central Florida to the KeysVisit our Website: www.southerntropical.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftystr@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6796Congregations Served by Region
Southwest Region (SW)Arizona; New Mexico; Southern Nevada;El Paso, TX; and UtahVisit our Website: www.southwest.nfty.orgSend us an Email: nftysw@urj.orgGive us a Call: 212-452-6754Congregations Served by Region
Texas Oklahoma Region (TOR)Texas (except for El Paso) and OklahomaVisit our Website: us an Email: nftytor@urj.orgGive us a Call: 254-859-5411Congregations Served by Region
Geographic AreaRegionWebsiteEmailPhone
Chicago, the surrounding urban and suburbanareas, and northwestern IndianaChicago Area Region (CAR)www.chicago.nfty.orgnftycar@urj.org847-239-6976
Northern and central California, Nevada,and HawaiiCentral West Region (CWR)www.centralwest.nfty.orgnftycwr@urj.org415-392-7080 ex 15
Central and northern New Jersey and theWest Hudson Valley of New York(Rockland and Orange counties)Garden Empire Region (GER)www.gardenempire.nfty.orgnftyger@urj.org212-452-6761
Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, easternWest Virginia, and North Carolina(excluding Charlotte)Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR)www.midatlantic.nfty.orgnftymar@urj.org212-650-4237
Entire state of MichiganMichigan (MI)www.michigan.nfty.orgnftymi@urj.org212-452-6754
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming,Colorado, central Illinois and Paducah, KYMissouri Valley (MV)www.missourivalley.nfty.orgnftymv@urj.org212-452-6551
New York City, Long Island, WestchesterCounty, NY, and Fairfield County, CTNew York Area Region (NAR)www.newyork.nfty.orgnftynar@urj.org212-650-4039
Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County),Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine,New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate New Yorkand Montreal, CanadaNortheast (NE)www.northeast.nfty.orgnftyne@urj.org617-564-1519
Ontario Canada; northern New York;Cleveland, OH, and its suburbs; and Erie, PANortheast Lakes (NEL)www.northeastlakes.nfty.orgnftynel@urj.org416-638-2635 X227
Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota,Manitoba, Canada, Sioux Falls, SD,and Rockford, ILNorthern (NO)www.northern.nfty.orgnftyno@urj.org212-452-6544
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana,and Alaska, as well as the Canadian provincesof British Columbia and AlbertaNorthwest (NW)www.northwest.nfty.orgnftynw@urj.org212-452-6553
Kentucky (excluding Paducah); Indiana(excluding the northwestern corner); Ohio(excluding Cleveland and its suburbs);Nashville, Knoxville, and Bristol, TN;and western West VirginiaOhio Valley (OV)www.ohiovalley.nfty.orgnftyov@urj.org212-452-6705
Pennsylvania (excluding Erie, PA),southern New Jersey, Delaware,and part of West VirginiaPennsylvania Area Region (PAR)www.pennsylvania.nfty.orgnftypar@urj.org610-470-7000
South Carolina; Georgia; Charlotte, NC;Chattanooga, TN; Jacksonville andTallahassee, FL; and Montgomery, ALSouthern Area Region (SAR)www.southernarea.nfty.orgnftysar@urj.org212-452-6767
Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas,western Tennessee, Alabama(excluding Montgomery), and theFlorida panhandleSouthern (SO)www.southern.nfty.orgnftyso@urj.org601-885-6042
Southern California (from San Luis Obispoto San Diego)Southern California(SOCAL)www.southerncalifornia.nfty.orgnftysocal@urj.org619-800-6343
Central Florida to the KeysSouthern Area Region (SAR)www.southerntropical.nfty.orgnftystr@urj.org212-452-6796
Arizona; New Mexico; Southern Nevada;El Paso, TX; and UtahSouthwest (SW)www.southwest.nfty.orgnftysw@urj.org212-452-6754
Texas (except for El Paso)and OklahomaTexas Oklahoma Region (TOR)