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January 7, 2021: The following statement was issued by the North American Board of NFTY-The Reform Jewish Youth Movement following the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol:

We stand for JUSTICE, for PEACE, for DEMOCRACY, for the sanctity of human life – all of which have been violated and threatened by insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol and tried to overturn democracy.

We stand for equity and peace, and the disproportionate violence used against Black Lives Matter protesters is evidence that the domestic terrorists storming the Capitol were protected by their whiteness.

We stand for truth and democracy and we affirm the legitimacy of the election and the importance of a peaceful transition of presidential power.

We stand for humanity and recognize the Divine spark within our fellow citizens. These are values not only rooted in faith but also in American citizenship. We are pained by the many lives that were harmed and the four that were tragically lost in Thursday’s events. To ensure peace for all, Americans we must find commonality even amidst our differences.  Disrupting certification of the election is undemocratic and un-American.

We will not stand for hate. We will not stand for conspiracies. We will stand for justice and for a peaceful transition of power. We call upon our leaders to do the same. Every state, congressional, governmental, faith, and organizational leader must affirm their commitment to the rule of law and a peaceful transition of power.

At the upcoming NFTY Convention, as teens from across North America join together on our virtual platform, one of our highest priorities will be to explore our duty as Reform Jews to pursue justice for all and build a future we are proud of.

What we are demanding is not partisan, this is about right and wrong. On behalf of the NFTY community, we ask all our elected leaders: Which side of history will you be on? Which side will you stand for? Who will you call on to stand with you? Let us stand for our values and let us stand for justice and a democracy based on the rule of law.

Fletcher Block, President
Liana Friedman, Social Action Vice President
Josh Rosenblum, Programming Vice President
Madison Rosenfield, Religious and Cultural Vice President
Cat Orange, Membership Vice President
Hannah Finkelstein, Communications Vice President

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