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At NFTY, we are the Jewish future. 

As members of the NFTY community, we strive to impact and strengthen Jewish life. 

By making the Jewish Youth Promise through NFTY, we are taking our passion for the Jewish people and turning it into commitment. As teens, we are not only tomorrow’s Jewish leaders, but today’s. Join us in pledging to begin our work now, and shaping the Jewish future that we want to see starting today.




What does the Jewish Youth Promise say?

“I hereby promise to act today and throughout my lifetime to strengthen the Jewish people and Israel. I make this commitment because I have a responsibility to ensure that my generation writes the next chapter of the Jewish story and remains a strong link in the chain of generations.”

Additionally, by making the promise through NFTY, we encourage you to include the following either in your letter or simply in your intention:

“As a Reform Jew, I also have a responsibility to ensure that the next chapter of the Jewish story is diverse. From today forward, I promise to work toward active inclusion for, and to uplift and listen to the voices of my fellow Jews of color, LGBTQ+ Jews, disabled Jews, and Jews of other marginalized communities. I also commit to creating a world in which Judaism enables all people to experience peace and wholeness (shalom), justice and equity (tzedek), and belonging and joy (shayachut and simcha). As Rabbi Hillel said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?’”




How are promisers reminded of their commitment?

Each person who makes the promise writes themselves a letter to remind their future selves why they took made this promise and the steps they plan on taking to achieve it. This letter is private, and only ever seen by the person who writes it.

The Jewish Youth Promise has created a Digital Time Capsule, to seal promisers’ letters in an electronic vault. The letter is re-shared every 5 years for the next 20 years, to remind promisers of their goals and purpose.


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