The North American Board is an elected group of seven leaders in NFTY. There are seven positions; President, Programming Vice President, Religious and Cultural Vice President, Social Action Vice President, Engagement and Inclusion Vice President, Communications Vice President and Development Vice President. The positions are generally held by incoming university Freshman who extend their NFTY tenure as North American leaders. Being a NFTY North American Board member is an incredible honor that comes with many responsibilities and duties, mainly as the head of their respective Networks. As a unit, the Board works to both maintain and progress the movement from generation to generation.

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Noa Apple
NFTY President

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Aiden D’Antonio

NFTY Programming
Vice President

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Daniella Abbott

NFTY Social Action
Vice President

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Simon Warner

NFTY Religious & Cultural
Vice President

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Cameron Samuels

NFTY Engagement & Inclusion
Vice President

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Arianna Walker

NFTY Communications
Vice President

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Evan Jaffe

NFTY Development
Vice President

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