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    Join Us in Speaking up for an Egalitarian Space at the Western Wall

    In January 2016, the Israeli government passed, by an overwhelming majority, legislation to create an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This was huge; finally the Reform and Conservative movements saw their dream of a space where men and women could pray side by side coming true.

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    Top 5 Ways to Celebrate the High Holy Days as a Teenager

    Long services, packed synagogues and fasting – let’s be honest, the High Holy days can seem unfamiliar and difficult to connect with, especially if you are accustomed to interactive and exciting NFTY services. Here are a few tips to make the High Holy Days a little less foreign, and maybe even inspirational.

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    Why NFTY is My Land of Oz

    In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s world in Kansas begins in black and white; the minute she steps foot in Munchkin lands, her world turns to color. She takes it in for a moment and she whispers to Toto, “We must be over the rainbow!” When I attended my first NFTY North American event, NFTY Convention 2015 in Atlanta, GA, the color of my world was beautifully enhanced.

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    7 Reasons Why NFTY Convention is the Event of the Year

    Every year we look forward to NFTY events. We get to see our friends again, participate in cool activities and most of all, learn about Judaism.

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    New Opportunity for Teens: Israel Engagement Committee

    The 2016 race for the United States Presidency has been unlike any other in recent memory. From reproductive rights to minimum wage to the Keystone Pipeline, candidates are taking divisive stances on a wide range of topics.

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    Why Voicing Your Choice Matters: NFTY’s Response to the 2016 US Presidential Election

    As you may have seen in your American Government textbooks, democracy is a “government by the people, both directly or indirectly, with free and frequent elections.” Therefore, democracies only function when the citizens of democratic nations become educated and involved in their political processes. Political involvement is typically thought of as casting a ballot at the polls, but in actuality, voting is only the tip of the iceberg.

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    How NFTY and the Olympics Inspired Each Other to Take Action in the Refugee Crisis

    In an action reminiscent of the unity shown during the Summer Olympics, refugee resettlement will be addressed by Jewish teens all over the world – and NFTY is following suit. At this year’s NFTY Mechina, it was decided that refugee resettlement will be the subject of the NFTY Study Theme for the upcoming year.

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    6 Ways Teens Can Get Involved in the Presidential Election Right Now

    The Reform Movement is partnering with the NAACP, the Layers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the PICO National Network to protect the right to vote this election year. Looking for ways to get involved in this effort.

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    Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue

    This past June, teen leaders from all across the United States and Canada came together for NFTY Mechina, NFTY’s first North American board meeting of the 2016-2017 year at URJ Kutz Camp. Together we prayed, learned, and grew as leaders.

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  • NFTY – Fighting for Racial Justice

    The tragic violence of the past few weeks serves as a reminder that we must recommit ourselves to fighting for racial justice in the United States.

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