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    Small Teen, Big Voice

    As reform Jews, we pride ourselves on inclusion, or to borrow the words of Rabbi Rick Jacobs: Audacious Hospitality. As our secular communities start to progress toward embracing the LGBT community, so does the URJ.

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    We Can Do It

    “How does it feel to be a teen at the URJ Biennial?” The tell-tale green strip at the bottom of my name tag that reads “High School Attendee” evokes this question from most adults I find myself engaged in conversation with. As I give my typical response about how wonderful it is to be surrounded by 5,000 people that are passionate about Reform Judaism and to be able to fully participate in programs with these 5,000 people, the adult I am speaking with typically nods politely and moves the conversation away from the particular subject matter.

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    5 Words to Describe People Found at URJ Biennial

    What are some words to describe myself at the URJ Biennial. Blessed.

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  • logan-kramer

    How A Starbucks Line Shaped My Entire URJ Biennial Weekend

    When 5,000 Jews are put in one building, I expected the line at Starbucks to be long. But what I didn't expect was that my epiphany of the day at Biennial would happen while waiting in that line.

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    NFTY at URJ Biennial 2015

    We are lucky and incredibly excited to have over 120 NFTY teens participating in the URJ Biennial in Orlando this week. Want your post included here.

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    Thinking About Rabin 20 Years Later

    Israel is no longer a place that dwells alone and has to join the global journey towards peace, reconciliation and international cooperation.

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    NFTY Participates in the SNAP Challenge

    In the United States, 1 in 6 people face hunger. In a country with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $15.

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    The Climb

    “There’s always gonna be another mountain. I’m always gonna wanna make it move.

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    Updates from the NFTY President at the World Zionist Congress Meeting

    From October 15-23, I will be traveling to Israel to participate in the World Zionist Congress (WZC) meeting in Jerusalem. I will serve as a delegate of ARZENU (International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists) representing worldwide progressive Jewry.

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    Winner Announced: Wendy Blickstein Memorial D’var Torah Competition

    We are pleased to announce that Anna Hirsch, a sophomore from Har Hashem in Boulder, CO (NFTY – MV) is this fall’s winner of the Wendy Blickstein Memorial D’var Torah competition. Anna was one of over 65 entries and her D’var Torah, entitled, “The Human in Every Stranger” focuses on the themes found within Parshat Chayei Sarah and the notion of Audacious Hospitality.

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