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NFTY is a movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. Together, we pursue tikkun olam, personal growth, youth empowerment, and deep connections, all rooted in Reform Judaism. NFTY’s New York Area Region includes New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT.


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Avital Abraham


President: Nadine Katz

 Programming VP: Barak Landis

 Social Action VP: Isobella Gordon

 Religious and Cultural VP: Rebecca Last

 Membership VPs: Mali Cooper and Lily Mansell

Communications VP: Mason Zelenko

 Long Island Subregional Director: Solomon Graf

 Westchester Subregional Director: Hadley Courtenay


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Helping Teens Find Their Voice

Helping Teens Find Their Voice

As many people in NFTY know, if I hadn’t become a NFTY regional director, I would have become a music teacher. I have been incredibly lucky to have had opportunities to build meaningful relationships with students through teaching music in various capacities over the past decade. There is something so gratifying about facilitating other people’s personal growth.

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How We’re Making NFTY More Accessible

How We’re Making NFTY More Accessible

NFTY Convention was a weekend full of fun, laughter, and new memories. Friendships were formed, community was built, and we were all inspired to lead. Perhaps most importantly, though, change was sparked in our Movement.

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NFTY is a Movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. Together, we pursue tikkun olampersonal growthyouth empowerment, and deep connections, all rooted in Reform Judaism.