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The RAC Teen Justice Fellowship 

The RAC Teen Justice Fellowship is a learning-intensive designed to train high schoolers to be organizers and to create change in their home communities.

Fellows will meet virtually for an hour once a week for six weeks to hone their leadership skills, learn about advocacy, connect with other teen social justice leaders from across the country, and be involved in the RAC’s work.

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NFTY Local and Regional Teen Events 

NFTY is a Reform Jewish community for all high school students who are interested in connecting to their Judaism. Teens forge and build friendships, lifelong Reform Jewish identities, and leadership skills through community building, music, social action, and experiential youth-led Jewish educational programming.

As the inaugural part of the URJ’s Reform Jewish Youth Movement, more than 8,000 6th through 12th graders participate in NFTY programs that teach compassion, fight injustice, engage with Israel, and build community. NFTY is the safe, home-away-from-home that inspires our teens to become their best selves and empowers them to change the world.

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URJ Heller High

URJ Heller High: Isaac and Helaine Heller EIE High School in Israel (formerly NFTY-EIE) is a semester-long (four months) program for high school students in grades 10-12 in Israel. Heller High is an intensive academic program and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. While at Heller High, students become immersed in the study of the history, culture and Land of Israel. elevating and deepening their knowledge of and connection to Jewish history, Judaism, Zionism and the modern State of Israel. With Israel as the classroom, Heller High builds a dynamic learning environment where formal instruction, experiential learning and travel combine to bring Jewish living and learning to life.


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RAC State-Based Projects 

The RAC state-based affiliates build power, mobilize congregations and engage the Reform Jewish community nationwide in the pursuit of justice. Partnering with diverse communities to meaningfully impact local and state legislation, RAC state-based affiliates work throughout the year to work toward change.

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URJ Teen Jews of Color Fellowship 

This new fellowship is a transformative experience for 11th and 12th grade Jewish Teens of Color that offers an inclusive and vibrant space for participants to explore all their intersecting identities, cultivate leadership skills, and engage in meaningful project-based learning.


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URJ Teen Israel Organizing Fellowship 

The URJ Teen Israel Organizing Fellowship is an immersive nine-month fellowship for North American high school students (ages 14-18) to learn about the society and culture of Israel and learn how to organize within their communities.

Fellows will spend the first four months of the Fellowship at URJ Heller High before returning home to work with mentors and teachers to engage their peers in a project of their choosing.


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URJ Teen Israel Organizing Immersive

The US-based URJ Teen Israel Organizing Immersive, is a four-month program for teens to learn about the society and culture of Israel and learn how to organize within their communities.

After an in-person seminar, participants will return home to work with mentors and engage their peers in a community organizing around Israel.


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YPAR Fellowship

Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) participants engage in a model for youth empowerment where students and researchers co-engage with the research process to take meaningful action on issues important to teenagers.

It is a transformative school year experience for 11th and 12th graders that offers an inclusive and vibrant space for participants to immerse themselves in meaningful project-based learning, and engage in repairing the world through scientific research, creation, and action.

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Kol Koleinu Teen Feminist Fellowship 

The Meyer-Gottesman Kol Koleinu Teen Feminist Fellowship is a distinctive opportunity for young Jewish feminists (10th through 12th grade) to learn how to effectively speak their minds and create the change they want to see in the world.

This year-long fellowship invites teens of all genders to learn how to apply a Jewish feminist lens to the world, ask powerful questions, deepen their knowledge about social change, and amplify their voices to share their beliefs and express a call to action. Fellows meet monthly through virtual meetings where participants learn from and teach one another in a supportive Jewish feminist community, then hone their skills by creating a tangible social change project.

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Sing Unto God Teen Songleading Fellowship 

The Sing Unto God Teen Songleader Fellowship invites young Jewish songleaders in 8th-12th grade to develop their skills, deepen their knowledge of repertoire and communal singing technique, and build meaningful leadership and relationship opportunities in their congregations, camps, and communities.

Fellows learn from highly regarded experts in the field, receive mentorship from on the ground professionals, and complete projects that share their learning and leadership with their greater Jewish communities.

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The Jewish Youth Promise 

NFTY has partnered with The Jewish Youth Promise in creating an opportunity for NFTYites and NFTY alumni ages 13-24 to make a commitment to working toward the Jewish future that they believe in. By making the promise, each person writes a private letter about why they are making the promise and the steps they plan on taking to achieve it that will be sent back to them to remind them of their goals every 5 years for the next 20 years. Learn more about how the promise relates to NFTY’s values and how to making the promise.

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